Peter Hammill's Birthday card

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November 8, 2008

On November 5th, Peter Hammill turned 60 years young. In appreciation of Peter's artistic work over the years, fans and admirers gave to Peter a guitar - a Hagstrom guitar - dubbed by the Hammill Yahoo Group, the "Meurglys V."

Members of the Peter Hammill Yahoo Group have made contributions to this gift and we thank you. Special thanks to Willy, Tony and Paul. Willy was the one who pushed this project in the beginning, collected donations, made the purchase and is having the guitar shipped to Peter.

Many thanks for all your support!

This rotating Escher/chameleon-scorpio gem was created by Tony Froyen with help from his son, and was part of Hammill's gift.


For the people who were not mentioned on the birthday card, I made up by sending the names to PH, which he found to be a nice gesture, and I hope the ones involved see this like this too. Sorry again for the mistakes, but we are just human, and mistakes can happen ;-))) PH asked me to thank all involved in this birthday present. He felt very honoured and deeply touched. He is very fond of the guitar, and the sonic pallette of it, which fits between the Meurglys III and the blue DeArmond. He also mentioned that the guitar was strangely tuned, in a way he hasn't used since the seventies and this only for one particulair song. Another strange coincidence is that the serial number of the guitar ended with 1948...