BeatMonster is a MacOS (OS 9.x or earlier) freeware calculator provided by Rarefaction for use in rhythmic loop calculation of sound samples.

The results will allow for sample accurate editing of rhythmic loop material. This is an important factor when preparing rhythmic material that is to be looped in sync against clocked sources and MIDI sequences.

We have found most loop libraries have variances in BPM accuracy (sample length vs. noted BPM) of +/-15ms to 30ms with some up to 60ms! In the case of audio workstation use, where the files are duplicated end to end (rather than re-triggered via a sampler) these files will drift over time against sequenced MIDI material.

For example : a 15ms inaccuracy in an one bar loop @ 120bpm in one minute will drift 450 ms (nearly 1/2 second!).

This is a significant timing problem for those in the hard sequenced realms such as the Techno, Industrial and Dance music genres where a single loop will be looped for much longer than the average user. As workstation composers ourselves we have been continually plagued with this problem from existing audio libraries thus we came up with the BeatMonster calculator to assist our Sound Designers in the creation of sample accurate loops for our Poke In The Ear series of sound source libraries. Here it is for your use/abuse.

that is the point !

I could use it. Let's download BeatMonster, a MacOS (9.x and earlier) freeware app!